Scrambled Eggs




10 min


10 min


Scrambled Eggs

Make soft and fluffy scrambled eggs by adding fresh, wholesome Sarda farms milk to eggs, for a quick, filling breakfast. This recipe replace butter that is usually used to make scramble eggs with earthy, flavourful ghee from Sarda Farms. The creamy scrambled eggs make for a scrumptious protein breakfast or a quick protein rich snack anytime of the day.



  • 4 ‏eggs
  • 1/3 ‏cup Sarda Farms milk
  • 2 ‏tablespoon Sarda Farms ghee
  • 1/2 ‏teaspoon salt (or as required)
  • ¼ ‏teaspoon black pepper powder (optional)


Whisk together eggs, milk, salt and pepper in a bowl.

Heat a non-stick pan on low flame and add ghee.

Add the whisked egg mixture and let it sit for a few seconds.

Stir and fold using a silicone/wooden spatula to scramble the eggs, till the eggs are softly set but slightly runny in places.

Take pan off the heat and leave for a moment to complete the cooking.

Serve immediately topped with herbs (optional)


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