Prune & berry smoothie




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Prune & berry smoothie

Whip up this nutrient packed smoothie bowl to kick start your day on a refreshing note. This one step, quick and healthy breakfast/snack/light meal is guaranteed to give you loads of energy all through the day. Berries and prunes are blended with wholesome Sarda Farms dahi to make this eye-pleasing smoothie. The smoothie can be topped with any seeds, nuts, dry fruits of choice. You can use any fresh/frozen berries or any other fruit of choice. You can adjust the amount of ingredients as per your taste.



  • 6-7 ‏pitted prunes, chopped
  • ¾ cup ‏chopped berries (mulberries, strawberries,blueberries,blackberries,raspberries etc)
  • ½ cup ‏Sarda Farms dahi
  • ½ -1 teaspoon ‏vanilla extract (or any other flavour of choice)
  • 1 tablespoon ‏honey or maple syrup or any sweetener (as required)
  • ‏Seeds,nuts,dry fruits as required for garnish (sunflower,chia ,sesame seeds, sliced almonds,raisins etc)


Place prunes,berries,dahi,vanilla extract and honey in the jar of a blender.
Blend to make a thick,smooth paste.
Place it in a serving bowl and top with seeds,nuts,dry fruits and fresh beriies.
Serve as it is or chilled.

Calories per servings: 950


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