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Kunda recipe

Kunda is a traditional sweet popularly made in Belgaum. The delectable sweet can be easily made at home, the key ingredient being patience. Pure, wholesome Sarda Farms milk creates some mouth-watering magic when combined with sugar and fresh Sarda farms dahi to make this rich Kunda.



  • 1 litre ‏Sarda Farms milk
  • 1 -1¼ ‏cup sugar
  • ¾ - 1 ‏cup Sarda Farms dahi
  • (optional) ‏Sliced almonds and or pistachios for garnish


In a heavy bottom pan boil the milk and simmer to reduce it to 1/3rd quantity.

Stir in between so that it does not stick at the bottom.

In another pan melt half the quantity of sugar and heat on medium till it caramelises.

Add about ¾ cup dahi and remaining sugar to the milk and stir.

The milk will curdle and the whey will separate out.

If you find that the whey is milky,add more dahi .

Carefully the caramelised sugar to the curdled milk. The mixture will spurt so be careful. The caramelised sugar adds a brown-golden hue to the kunda.

Stir and heat on medium-low till the moisture has evaporated

Serve warm or at room temperature garnished with nuts (if using)



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