Egg Salad Sandwich



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Egg Salad Sandwich

The classic egg salad gets a nutritious twist by replacing Mayo with additive free, nutritious Dahi from Sarda Farms. This egg salad can be served on its own but when used as a sandwich filling makes for a tasty, substantial meal. The recipe is pretty simple and if you have boiled eggs handy you can put together the sandwiches in just under 5 minutes.



  • 4 ‏eggs
  • 4 ‏slices of wheat or multigrain bread
  • 4-5 ‏tablespoons Sarda Farms dahi, whey drained
  • ¾ ‏teaspoon pepper powder
  • ½ ‏teaspoon mustard powder (or paste)
  • ‏Salt as required
  • 2-3 ‏small tomatoes, sliced (you can also use salad greens or cucumber)
  • ‏Few sprigs of herbs like dill, mint or thyme.


Place the eggs in a saucepan with enough water to cover them.

Bring the water to a boil and take the pan off the heat.

Cover and keep for about 10-12 minutes to make hard boiled eggs (time depends on the size and quality of eggs)

Remove them from the hot water, cool and peel.

Roughly chop the eggs and place them in a mixing bowl.

Add dahi, pepper powder, mustard powder, chopped herbs and salt.Mix.

Place some sliced tomatoes on slice of bread.

Top with some egg salad and cover with another bread slice.

Repeat with the other two slices of bread.

Cut each sandwich diagonally and serve immediately.


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